Inktober part deux

I think I kinda stepped up my game for this second half of Inktober, so that’s good. Sometimes it just takes a while for inspiration to strike. (Once again, however, I did miss a couple days…)

Day #17: Thomas Jefferson (I think). Okay, so his hair is a bit flat. It was fun. XD

Based on a print I saw in Southern Living magazine, which in turn was inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s presidential portrait.

Day #18: Caladium leaf

Inspired by a vintage-y print of different leaves.

Day ???: “My Place Beside You.” I have to say I’m quite pleased with how the smoke came out on this one.

Inspired by an illustration from The Black Star of Kingston by S. D. Smith.

Day #21: Regency girl reading

Based on Courtship by Felix Friedrich Von Ende.

Day #22: Witch mouse

Inspired by a small Halloween decoration we own.

Day #23: “Winnius ille Pu.” One of my favorites.

Based on Winnius ille Pu by A. A. Milne and translated by Alexander Lenard.

Day #24: Heyna Blackstar. Ready to defend her queen.

Inspired by the cover of The Archer’s Cup by S. D. Smith.

Day #25: “This is Meg, Amy, Beth, and Jo.”

Inspired by Little Women (2019).

Day #27: Kenai expressions. Agh I wanna squish his grumpy face.

Inspired by Brother Bear.

Day #28: Girl with braid. I was reeeeally not in the mood to draw that day, so I did something quick, easy, and uninspired. XD

Inspired by an illustration from The Wingfeather Saga.

Day #29: Jo Shanks. Just Jo bein’ Jo.

Inspired by an illustration from Ember’s End by S. D. Smith.

Day #30: Pies

Inspired by an assortment of different photos.

Day #31: Jack o’ lantern scarecrow. Had to end with something Halloween-y, right?

Inspired by a vintage-y print of a scarecrow.

So, in the end, nothing stunning or revolutionary. I took it easy this year because I went heavier last year, so next year I’ll probably be back to heavy again. But for now, I’m kinda glad Inktober is over. One less thing for me to do every day. XD

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