San Antonio, November 2020

We got away last weekend! Finally! Ugh, man, I really needed that vacation, let me tell you. It’d been I don’t even know how long since we’d taken a real road trip. We’ve been to San Antonio many times, and usually our drives there revolve around a specific purpose or destination. Not so with this trip. All we did was swim, explore the resort, and laze the day away (not a typical vacation for us!). It was awesome. ❤

We began the trip by taking a three hour-ish drive through the beautiful Hill Country (yes, we do have hills! Shocking, I know!). Of course, we had to stop at our favorite watering hole, HTeaO, for some sweet tea first.

Once in San Antonio, we had dinner at one of our favorite Mexican places in the city, Taqueria Tequila Jalisco. I very much recommend them. ^_^

Once we arrived at the resort, the Hyatt Regency Hill Country, we learned that there were s’mores up for grabs! So we hightailed it to the communal fire pit. xD

One of my favorite things about this resort is that it feels like it’s part of the country as opposed to just slapped on top of it. Just a few yards out of this lit clearing, you’ll find yourself standing on the banks of a silently trickling bayou.

After we had our s’mores, we explored the indoor parts of the resort we hadn’t seen before. Turns out they have quite an abundance of ballrooms!

The next morning, we ate breakfast at one of the resort’s restaurants, explored a bit more, then walked their extensive nature trail.

Unfortunately this was the only picture I grabbed of the pool area, but it’s a lot larger than just this. They also have another, larger pool, a hot tub, a waterslide, a manmade beach, a surfing machine (no, I didn’t try it), and a wonderfully natural-feeling lazy river. I could spend the whole day here just swimming.

Aaaand at this point, I kinda stopped taking pictures. 😛 But that night we had dinner at good ol’ Texas Roadhouse and, back in our room, played Poetry for Neanderthals (I was terrible, don’t ask) until it was time for s’mores again. And next morning, we left! The trip was short and sweet, the perfect getaway after a rather stressful week. ❤

Have any of y’all ever been to San Antonio? If so, what do you do there? We’re always looking for fun new things to try!

Níl deireadh leis anseo,

Havalah Ruth Peirce

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