Some recent art

Basically, what I’ve learned is that you can be an author and an artist, but you can’t be productive at both at the same time. -_-

I’ve been focusing a lot more on writing than on drawing as of late, and as a result, my drawing output has plummeted. So, not much to show here. When I am drawing, though, I’m working on altering my style a bit. It’s too…cute for me right now. So I’m making some adjustments, most of which have been Joe Sutphin-inspired. (If you haven’t seen Joe’s art, you haven’t lived. Check out his Instagram here!)

Some watercolor (and Sharpie) doodles. Watercolor is both frustrating and relaxing to work with. It’s weird. xD

Art © me.
Art © me.

A weirdly satisfying gouache painting. It started out as one giant pink, fluffy cloud, then turned into a sand dune after I discovered I can’t paint clouds. (As you can see, however, I did find enough patience later to paint a couple small, purple clouds.)

Art © me.

A couple expression memes, all featuring OCs. In the first one, from left to right and top to bottom: Walnut Jack, Firenze, Cortez, Cathal, Niamh, Síofra, and Aífe. In the second one, from top to bottom: Lysander, Domhnall, and Diabhal.

Art & characters © me.
Art & characters © me.

The Breath of Eíre, a painting featuring Celta’s first druid. Who doesn’t have a name. *needs to get on that*

Art & character © me.

Jackson Mali, a new charrie I randomly came up with a while ago. I’m really happy with how the style of the portrait turned out. It kind of has a comic book feel to it.

Art and character © me.

*booming voice that echoes throughout Cavern Hole* CONSTANCE BADGERMUM. You can’t draw this awesome badger lady and not feel a little scared. xD

Art © me. Constance © Brian Jacques.

An illustration from the second(?) book of Celta, featuring a *cough* very wounded Eoin. I came up with the idea for this picture after listening to “Wild Heart” by Daughtry.

Art & character © me.

A birthday present for a friend, featuring her character, Damien. He’s a cutie. ^^

Art © me. Damien © my friend.

Sketches of Lokson, inspired by The Archer’s Cup. Lokson is one of my new favorites now. He’s just so sweet and funny and talented and noble and AGH. I love him. He kinda reminds me of Crispin from The Mistmantle Chronicles.

Art © me. Lokson © S. D. Smith.

And of course, a drawing of Lokson wouldn’t be complete without a drawing of Amber! 😀 I love her, too. Almost as much.

Art © me. Amber © S. D. Smith.

And now for the crowning jewel: an extremely frightening portrait of Helmer the Black. Ain’t he pretty? xD

Art © me. Helmer © S. D. Smith

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