Poetry dump #1

So poetry is one of my school subjects this year, and I have to say… It’s been a lot harder than I thought it would be. xD Most of the stuff I’ve written so far is no good, but I think I am getting better, bit by bit. So I keep plugging away. Anyway, here’s a handful of short poems I’ve written in the last couple months. 🙂

The Arms of the Lion

Be not troubled by the Lion

If you should fall, you are made for His arms

Natural Slaves (blackout poem | The Wizard of Oz)

The roaring fire was a slave

To the water

Baking Day

(Inspired by the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.)

When bread alone, left on a plate

Just taken from the oven’s mouth

Is slathered, honeyed with its mate

Golden butter from a churn down south

A sweeter scent I cannot picture

It fills me with a jolly joy

Bread and butter! a better mixture

The saints couldn’t conjure if they tried

Too late the loaf is lapped away

A shore of crumbs all that remain

But there’ll be more next baking day

For buttered bread is hunger’s best bane

Firenze’s City

(Inspired by one of my newer OCs, Firenze, a winged lion who lives in Venice, Italy.)

When my paws brush the rooftops, I can remember

The love that has kept this city alive

And as I let out a roar that eclipses the churchbells

I can remember that to love is to thrive

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