Art dump #2

Time for another art dump! Enjoy. 🙂

Another Lokson, because he deserves it:

Character © S. D. Smith. Art © me.

Domhnall, having nailed the perfect grin:

Character & art © me.

Cathal, confused and handsome. (Lyrics from “Wonder” by Shawn Mendes. They seemed to fit him. ❤ )

Character & art © me.

Another handsome fellow, Chatham. Chatham + handsome = Chandsome. Not a bad nickname, if you ask me. 😛

Character & art © me.

The first art I’ve done in a long time for for a very old story, The Lamb with the Glass Hooves. (For more on that WIP, see here!) Done as a Christmas present for my mom.

Character & art © me.

More Dom. Cutie.

Character & art © me.

Doodle of Slimmo. Pretty happy with how it turned out. (I mean, it looks like him, right??)

Character © S. D. Smith. Art © me.

Lizzie Bennett (first time I’ve ever drawn her!) in crayon. I forget how hard it is to work with crayon sometimes. xD

Character © Jane Austen (hopefully that goes without saying). Art © me.

Portrait of a humanized Lysander (If you’re curious about Lyse, I recently did a post giving more details on him. Check it out here!):

Character & art © me.

Lysander silhouette:

Character & art © me.

And a Lynet silhouette to match:

Character & art © me.

What have y’all been drawing lately?

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