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Hey, y’all! Recently, my good friend J. S. Clingman (author of My Little Hole in the Ground) gave me a Liebster Award! The object of this post is to answer the questions I was given, so I can officially be a winner. Thank you, J. S.! I never miss an opportunity for a good Q&A. XD

The rules

  1. First, thank the person who nominated you, include a link to their blog, and add the Liebster Award badge to your blog and/or post.
  2. Next, answer the eleven questions from the person who nominated you.
  3. Give eleven random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5-11 fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  5. Notify your nominees that you nominated them for the Liebster Award.
  6. Last, but certainly not least, ask your nominees eleven questions.

Sounds simple enough!

The questions

1. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions for 2021? If so, what are they?

Yes, I have! The most important/interesting ones are as follows:

  • Read more (especially classics)
  • Finish the first draft of Foxhunt and start the second draft
  • Get at least one article (or something) published somewhere

2. What is one novel you absolutely love (and why do you love it)?

Source: Puffin Classics.

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. It’s my all-time favorite book, and it seems that no matter how many times I read it (or read about it), I always discover something new.

There is so much I love about this novel—its endearing and realistic characters, its witty yet subtle social commentary, its memorable lines that have stood the test of time. Though it’s only been a few years since I first cracked open the cover, Pride and Prejudice is such a big part of who I am today, as well as the first of Jane Austen’s books to convince me that she is truly one of the greatest authors of all time.

(If you’re interested in reading a slightly longer explanation of my love for Pride and Prejudice, see here.)

3. What is one movie you absolutely love (and why do you love it)?

Source: The Lion King (1994).

There are lots of movies that I love, but The Lion King (1994) tops that list. As my favorite film for as long as I can remember, The Lion King packs an emotional punch rich with heartfelt characters, tearjerking music, and sweeping shots of some of the vividest color to be found in an animated film. I’ve seen the film at least fifty times, can quote nearly the whole thing from memory, and shall love it till the day I die.

4. What is one of your biggest personal struggles?

Right now, my introverted tendencies have really been bringing me down. I’m naturally reserved in big groups, but I often I still want to speak, especially when it comes to discussing theological or philosophical points like my class often does. But there are ten of us, and an hour will go by and I won’t have said a word. Not because there haven’t been breaks here and there, but because I’m the kind of person who likes to have a thought completely formulated before I verbalize it. And in a class of ten teens, most of whom are talkative? Not happening. It’s so frustrating. Often, I’ll walk out fuming both at my classmates and at myself, which is never a good way to end a day. (Also, I’m constantly afraid that everything I say is going to be judged. So.)

5. What is one moment in your life you nearly died of bliss?

I can’t think of a specific moment, but other than being at Disney, *coughmoreonthatnextcough* I love warm, breezy summer evenings spent in the company of my family. Especially if I’m wearing my favorite outfit, with my hair still wet from a dip in the pool or the ocean, and there’s country/bluegrass music playing distantly. *sighs* That’s my bliss.

6. Where is one place you absolutely love to be?

I know many of my friends are tired of me saying this, but honestly, Walt Disney World is quite possibly my favorite place in the world. (To be clear, I’m not trying to imply that I am discontent with my home and my city and my state—on the contrary, I feel extremely blessed to live where I live. But that doesn’t change the fact that Disney World is as beloved to me as a place could possibly be.)

Source: The Disney Parks Blog.

Why? Honestly, it’s hard to explain if you’ve never been to a Disney Park, because there really is nothing else quite like it. But the feeling I get there—that everyone, I think, who goes to Disney gets there—is so unimaginably light and wonderful and happy. Gazing at the gold spires of Cinderella Castle sparkling above; soaring to other galaxies in a space shuttle that smells of the 70’s; singing along with Br’er Rabbit and friends as we manage to outwit the dastardly Br’er Fox once again. It just… *sighs* I don’t know if it’s because I’m a writer who loves to imagine myself in other times and worlds, or if I’m just one of those people who’s young at heart, but I just love it all. So much.

And I’m not the only one who feels that way. I’ve always said that Disney brings out the best in people, and it does. Everyone you’ll meet at a Disney Park, from employees to fellow guests, are some of the nicest people on earth. There’s just something about stepping into your favorite worlds, seeing your favorite characters in the flesh—and getting to do it with friends and family and even complete strangers, all smiling and laughing with you—that is magical at any age.

7. Do you keep a journal?

I do! It’s been a while since I wrote in it, though. Nowadays, many of the exciting parts of my life I chronicle online in some form.

8. Why do you write?

I write because I feel that God has called me to do so. I write because it’s a way for me to vent, to express myself, to pour out my heart. I write because I have characters whom I love and stories I want to tell.

9. Who is someone you can talk to about your deepest deepest thoughts and feelings?

God, for certain, and my parents. ❤

10. Do you think social media is more of a good thing or more of a bad thing overall?

Overall, I believe social media is more of a good thing. For one thing, it allows us as Christians to spread God’s Word to people whom we might not be able to reach otherwise, or, at least, not as easily. In truth, building a platform for just about any cause has never been easier. However, it’s no secret that with such unfortunate happenings as cyberbullying, the irrational fearlessness that comes with hiding behind a screen, and the incessant longing to amass more and more likes and followers, social media certainly has its downsides. I believe in taking advantage of social media’s potential for good, but yet staying aware of its dangers.

11. What are you currently reading?

Source: Amazon.

Oh, I have, what? Ten different books going right now? XD For fun, I’m reading:

  • Adorning the Dark | Andrew Peterson
  • Biscuits, Butter, and Blessings | Linda Kozar
  • Little Dorrit | Charles Dickens
  • On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness | Andrew Peterson
  • Romanov | Nadine Brandes
  • A handful of alpha reading projects

And for school, I’m reading:

  • Brightest Heaven of Invention | Peter J. Leithart
  • The Consequences of Ideas | R. C. Sproul
  • The Discoverers | Daniel J. Boorstin
  • Henry V | William Shakespeare
  • Invitation to the Psalms | Rolf A. Jacobson and Karl Jacobson
  • A Patriot’s History of the United States | Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen
  • The Roar on the Other Side | Suzanne U. Rhodes

Eleven random facts

  1. In addition to being an author/illustrator, I’d love to someday have a farmhouse with property and chickens, goats, and horses.
  2. I’m related to Charles Dickens (on my dad’s side).
  3. White Christmas is one of my least favorite movies of all time.
  4. My middle name, Ruth, was also my late grandmother’s name.
  5. I love saltbox houses.
  6. I don’t get all the hype over Princess Bride??
  7. Family exempted, I don’t consider myself as having a best friend.
  8. I have ridden a dolphin, and it was amazing.
  9. My favorite number is 4.
  10. If I could visit a fictional world, I’d choose Narnia.
  11. Until 2020, I had never seen a Disney Channel Original Movie.


Now then! I nominate:

to answer these eleven questions:

  1. What are some of your favorite words?
  2. What’s one book you really didn’t like?
  3. Are you a cat person or a dog person, and why?
  4. What’s something God is teaching you right now?
  5. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  6. What’s your opinion on The Hunger Games book series?
  7. Would you rather never eat again, or only eat one food for the rest of your life?
  8. Who is one of your biggest inspirations?
  9. What’s the purpose of your blog/website?
  10. If you were to write a song, what would it be about?
  11. If you could, would you live in another time period? If so, which one would you choose?

If you’ve already been nominated for the Liebster Award, or if you simply don’t want to do the tag, no problem at all! Feel free to ignore this post. 😉 (I’m still grasping for taggees around here, especially ones with under 200 followers. XD)

Thanks for reading (and thanks again for the tag, J. S.!)! This was fun. 🙂

Níl deireadh leis anseo,

Havalah Ruth Peirce

5 thoughts on “Tag | The Liebster Award

  1. Hey, Havalah! You’re definitely welcome for the tag! Thanks for participating. 😉

    Goodness gracious, you’re reading a lot of stuff. I admire that. XD Also, cool to know that I have a friend who rode a dolphin related to Charles Dickens. I relate to your introvert-related struggles, and also must admit that I totally l should read Pride and Prejudice and visit Disneyworld, both of which you make out to be unforgettably amazing experiences. 🙂


      • I actually have Adorning the Dark on my reading list. How are you liking it?

        Also, what is the translation of the Irish phrase at the end? It’s cool that you’re into Irish. Are you learning it? I’m sorry to say that I probably would have been able to get the general idea of that Irish sentence if I’d encountered it a couple years ago. Not anymore, unfortunately. XD

        “Leis” is “with”, though, right? Does “deireadh” have anything to do with direction?


      • I’m not very far in, but I’m enjoying it all right! I’m not a huge Andrew Peterson fan—I think it has to do with his writing style and/or sense of humor?—but AtD looked interesting, and the cover is pretty, too. XD So I’m giving it a shot. So far it’s been fine. More of a memoir than an instructional, but, as I said, I’m not very far in.

        *sigh* Well, it’s supposed to say “It doesn’t end here” (like at the end of Celta Book I), but honestly, I don’t trust Google Translate at all, so I’m not 100% sure what it means. It varies. XD I am not learning Irish currently, but I did try for a while a couple years ago. I remember a few words. 😅 That’s cool that you knew it so well!! I wish I could stick with learning a language for longer than a month. XD (Well, Latin has lasted longer than that, but even that is slipping a little for me now…)


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