In which a fairly minor character invades my brain | Foxhunt update #2

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Hey, everyone! Time for another Foxhunt update. (If you’re curious about Foxhunt, my current WIP, you can read more about it here!)

The usual things

Current word count: 60,418 (just under 15k words written since my last update in December!)

Current draft placement: I am partway through Chapter the Twenty-Second. That makes almost five chapters written since my last update!

Favorite snippet from current chapter:

And they’d fed him, bless them all—no, he quickly took that back: don’t bless them—fed him real food. He couldn’t remember ever putting anything so good in his mouth as the brown bread, barley soup, and scraps of grouse he’d been given for dinner after Jasper had first tended to him—the first meal he’d had in days. They’d even provided him with a small cup of ale, which he’d forced himself to swallow, even though it was a poor creature’s drink and tasted as awful as it smelled. That night, although he woke up with a nose full of dirt, he actually had a decent sleep.


Noses full of dirt are no fun, mi amigo.

Last sentence written: “…If I don’t, I’ll go mad, and my soul will have separated from my body long before they ever point a gun at me.

…It’s a random one. I’ve been jumping all over the place in writing this chapter. XD

Current favorite character: Still Lysander, but I’m enjoying Faith as well. Looking forward to writing her more (and in more depth) in future chapters. I also got to have some fun with Tad (full name: Thaddeus), Warren’s youngest sibling, a few chapters ago. Tad is the kind of character where you don’t quite know how much personality they have until you give them some significant page time.

…Yeah, he’s pretty adorable. XD Writing him actually gave me an inkling of an idea for a potential short story (or snippet series) about an older Tad… *grins* It would take place in industrial London, probably (or possibly another city like Liverpool or Cambridge), and would focus on his adventures as…something. I’d need to figure out a career for him that fits his outgoing personality. And he’d need an enemy and a love interest, of course. 😛

Estimation as to when I’ll finish: In the last update my guess was March, but now I’m seeing that that’s most likely not going to happen (unless I get some unnatural boost of inspiration, energy, and an outline-problem-fixing-spell or something). XD So now I’m calling it May. Fingers crossed!

The fun things

First off, I’ve officially decided to change Tristan’s name to Titian, for more of a period feel. (The name Tristan just feels super modern to me…even though it may not be. Idk.) That change will be implemented in the next draft. For continuity’s sake (and so as not to confuse my alpha readers), he’s staying Tristan for now.

Speaking of Tristan, this art of a Regency era dude reminded me of him, albeit with lighter hair:

And this quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald reminded me of my lovely Lynet, with whom I really don’t spend enough time:

I also discovered a handful of new theme songs for a few of my charries: (They don’t match perfectly, but they’ve got the right feel, y’know?)

Faith and Lysander | “Anyone” | Justin Bieber
Lynet | “Beautiful People” | Ed Sheeran
Tristan | “Grace” | Lewis Capaldi
Chatham | “Back At It” | Zayde Wølf

And last but not least, my brother and I have been working on designing something pretty cool for one of my characters… *wiggles eyebrows* It’s been really hard, but super fun as well, and I can’t wait to show it to y’all once it’s finished. (It might have to do with something along the lines of my new site icon! Have you noticed it yet? 😀 Do you recognize who it is? 😉 )

Thanks for reading! Does Foxhunt sound like a book you might like to read? What are y’all writing right now?

Ní chríochnaíonn sé anseo

Havalah Ruth Peirce

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