Poem | Chaotic Symphony

Source: Unsplash.
| Chaotic Symphony |

Jostling and pushing, all in good spirits, as I shove my way

To my sweat-stained flip-seat.

The anthem is sung sweet and loud as I stand with my hand

Over my heart. 

The crowd bellows and whoops as the ball flies,

Thrown from the fleet fingers of the quarterback.

The mascot breaks into a breakdance below,

Too far away for the t-shirt gun, but close enough to admire his absurd antics.

Vendors tramp the aisles, stomping past tiny oceans of beer and islands of popcorn

As they holler their goods to the maniacal masses.

I slip one of them a crisp greenback, and my heart shudders with joy

As he returns me a fluffy foam finger. 

Sesame seeds scatter as I chow down on a plump dog,

Slathered in mustard and with just a plop of relish,

Topped off with a heaping handful of the best peanuts

Money can buy.

The ball swoops and soars from glove to glove,

Swept from one side of the field to the other.

The mob watches all with a raptor’s raptness.

By the time twilight twitches and all the neon signs have buzzed to life,

Somebody’s won, and the crowd roars like a drunk pride of lions.

Fireworks burst against a black curtain of a sky, like paintballs

Fired during an eight-year-old’s birthday party.

The announcer has something witty to shout,

But my ears have clocked in for the night,

And I doze off to the blurred chaotic symphony of a frenzied fandom

At a football game.

6 thoughts on “Poem | Chaotic Symphony

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  2. Must be quite the experience. I’ve never gone to a football game (and I never watch football or football movies if I can help it), but I know everyone where I live are big fans of the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s kinda funny almost no other football team has any fans around here.


    • It is a cool experience! Not much different from a baseball game, though, if you’ve ever been to one of those. And honestly, I don’t remember what compelled me to write a poem about a football game. Was in a mood, I guess. XD

      Oh, right, cause you’re in Missouri! If you ever decide to become a football fan, you’re in the right place! The Chiefs are one of the best teams in the league (unlike the Houston Texans…to my never ending frustration XD).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nope, haven’t been to a professional baseball game ever. Does wiffle ball count, though? That wasn’t professional either, though… XD The fact that you were able to write a poem about football is rather admirable, in my opinion.

        Well, that’s cool to know! It’s interesting to hear an outsider’s opinion on the Chiefs. I probably won’t ever become a football fan, to be honest. XD For your sake, though, I hope the Houston Texans get better at their stuff. XD

        Liked by 1 person

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