Angst, fluff & gorgeous hair | Art dump #3

Good day, everyone! I thought I’d post a quick art dump today, since I’ve been drawing a bit more than usual lately. 🙂 Enjoy!

To kick things off, we have a sprightly little pegasus. (Name suggestions, anyone? 😛 )

Art © me.

Emma Joveson, the Red Queen, in all her commanding courtliness. I like to imagine that even though she’s probably obligated to dress like royalty, she still prefers a simple woodland hairstyle. ^_^

Character © S. D. Smith. Art © me.

Boy, from The Book of Boy by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, which is hands down one of the best books I’ve read so far this year. ❤ Not the best human I’ve ever drawn, but that’s okay. Mostly I’m just glad I finally drew a decent tree branch. XD

Character © Catherine Gilbert Murdock. Art © me.

Lynet in Caroline Abbott’s dress, just for kicks. (She’s so pretty, isn’t she? ❤ )

Character and art © me.

A menagerie of some festive flora.

Art © me.

A quick sketch of my most prominent human OC, Julian, who I really don’t draw (or write) enough, but has some great potential… ^_- Especially with that Pokemon-worthy hair. XD

Character and art © me.

Zash the Perpetually Displeased, a very attractive Bolsheviek.

Character © Nadine Brandes. Art © me.

Callan, from my short story Clinging to Freedom.

Art and character © me.

Secundus, also from The Book of Boy. One of the most shockingly potent middle-aged characters I’ve read in a long time. 0_0

Character © Catherine Gilbert Murdock. Art © me.

Playing around with colored pencils. The squirrel is decent, I think, but you can probably tell I was a little tired by the time I got to the tapir (he looks tired too, lol). XD

Art © me.

I think we could all use a little Tummscoff in the morning. ^_^

Character © Brian Jacques. Art © me.

Lysander reference sheet (that last one is the first time I’d ever drawn a character from the top, and it was crazy hard but really satisfying in the end!).

Character and art © me.

A self-portrait I started a *cough* decent while ago, and just finished up last month. I’m…fairly happy with it, Aífe especially. I don’t draw her enough, poor lass. *side-hugs her*


(Aífe’s, not mine. I don’t have freckles. 😦 )

Any guesses who this dude is? *whispers* It’s Julius Caesar, complete with that epic Roman nose. *finger guns* 😉

Character © William Shakespeare. Just kidding. Art © me.

Faith poster-thingy, with lyrics from “You Can’t Stop the Girl” by Bebe Rexha. I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with how her hair shine turned out. I decided to do something different there, and it was fun. 😀

Character and art © me.

A portrait of Tristan, experimenting with a different style of line art and shading.

Character and art © me.

Enola Holmes and Tewkesbury in watercolor. Enola’s face is too chubby (and her hair looks like she spent the night in the Amazon rainforest), but Tewkesbury looks all right, right? XD (What’s their ship name, anyway? Holmesbury? Tewkesnola?)

Characters © Nancy Springer. Art © me.

Aaaand at this point, I managed to get my hands on a larger set of brush pens. *cackles*

BEN MY PRECIOUS. I kid you not, I have tried to draw Ben Solo SO many times, and it hasn’t worked, and this time it worked, and I could not be happier. *squeals* 😀

Character © Lucasfilm. Art © me.

Lysander, bedraggled and ready to return to his silk sheets. Ain’t happening quite yet, bud. *pinches his ear*

Character and art © me.

*hops about* Laurieeeeeee! He’s got that Italian tan hehe

Character © Louisa May Alcott. Art © me.

Princess Celestia and King Sombra, from a certain MLP comic that rips my heart apart every time I read it. (I think it’s called Reflections?) This one was inspired by the song “To Die For” by Sam Smith. ❤

Characters © Hasbro. Art © me.

And last but not least, Warren and his cousin Marianne. A pair o’ kindred spirits right here. *pats them*

Characters and art © me.

Thanks for…reading? Looking? Scrolling? Idk. But anyway, thanks for sticking around to the end of this post, ’cause it was a bit of a long one. Told you I’ve been more artistic than usual. XD

What have y’all been drawing lately? Are there any characters you’d like to see me draw? I’m always up for a challenge. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Angst, fluff & gorgeous hair | Art dump #3

  1. I love your art so much! Especially Ben Solo. And the self-portrait. I’m pretty sure the ship is Holmesbury 😉

    I’d love to see LOTR art? Wingfeather (can’t remember if you’ve read that)? Also, if you’ve ever tried Brandon Sanderson, his characters would be epic to draw.

    I know, I know, those are all humans, but I mean, you could draw anthro versions 😀 I don’t read much anthro fantasy, unfortunately.


    • Thank you!! ❤ And ah, thanks for enlightening me as to their ship name. These things are important to know. XD

      Ooh, LOTR art would be fun for sure. I've only drawn one Tolkien character ever: Kili, but it didn't turn out well. XD For Wingfeather, I'm nearly done with the first book and am excited to move on to the rest! I haven't read any Sanderson as of yet. But I might, sometime. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions! I'll give those franchises a go! 😀

      Hmm. An anthro Gollum is tempting, I have to admit. XD (What animal best suits him, I wonder? A lizard of some kind? A naked mole rat? XD)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely could use a little Tummscoff in the mornings. XD Totally not a morning person. Also, methinks Warren and his cousin look cute together (in the non-romantic sense, of course. I am keenly aware of Lynet’s disapproving scowl.).

    Why not name the pegasus Fluffy? Or Phoenix? 🙂

    Also, like you, I have yet to read any of Sanderson’s works, although I plan to. The first Wingfeather book is currently in transit to our local library from another library in the statewide system. I want to read it.

    I like the idea of an anthro Gollum, btw. More than I’d like to admit. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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