Some of my favorite YouTubers (& how you can support them)

Some people use YouTube as a means to expand their knowledge and broaden their horizons. They subscribe to the world’s greatest intellectuals and spend hours taking notes on such topics as Sikhism, causality, and advanced economics.

That’s not me—usually, at least. XD

I spend enough time during the week learning things, okay? When I sit down to watch YouTube (usually before breakfast or in the late afternoon), I’m expecting to relax. I want to laugh and be entertained. Forget “YouTube University”—I want to enjoy myself. So I thought today I’d share a handful of some of my favorite YouTube channels—the ones I go to when I need a mental break—as well as provide some links so that you can help support them (if you want 😉 ).

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is a channel consisting of a group of college roommates-turned-best friends: Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Tyler “Ty” Toney, and twins Cory and Coby Cotton, all of whom live in Frisco, Texas. The group has over 55 million subscribers on YouTube, and are some of the most successful YouTubers of all time. Most of their videos are trick shot compilations, but they also do sports battles, a variety show called Overtime, and “stereotype” skits.

Why I like it: All the members of Dude Perfect are Christians, and their videos are famously clean and hilarious for all ages. Also, I’ve found a lot of my favorite songs/artists from watching their videos. XD

CW: Show violence.

Rating: G/PG

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Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman is an eccentric foodie and professional cook who is passionate about eating well and inspiring others to do the same. His video selection consists of budget recipes, recreations of famous fast food items, and creative twists on some classic, everyday dishes.

Why I like it: Mostly for his But Better series, especially the ones having to do with fast food items I’ve sampled in the past. Weissman’s snarky sense of humor and heightened sense of competition add a level of entertainment to what might otherwise be a fairly run-of-the-mill cooking channel.

CW: Occasional bleeped-out swear words; occasional suggestive jokes and comments.

Rating: PG/PG-13

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Liam Thompson

Liam Thompson is a New Zealand-based YouTuber (and, as far as I can tell, pretty much just a regular guy). His videos are totally random, with no rhyme or reason to their content whatsoever, which adds to their hilarity. His most popular videos often feature his dog, Max.

Why I like it: Liam is pretty funny, and a lot of his humor is self-deprecating, which is refreshing to see in this Modern World of the Easily Offended. Also, as weird as it sounds, I enjoy listening to his accent. (I feel like my New Zealand accent is improving as a result. XD)

CW: Moderate swearing (i.e., “D**n,” “Oh my G*d,” etc.).

Rating: G/PG

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Sideserf Cake Studio

Sideserf Cake Studio is run by Natalie and Dave Sideserf. Based in Austin, Texas, the husband-and-wife duo specialize in hyperrrealistic cakes, ranging in appearance from animals to fictional characters to celebrities—all made to order. Their videos, which primarily feature Natalie, consist of timelapses and how-to’s that showcase and explain how these incredible cakes are made.

Why I like it: The obvious: amazing cakes. Also, Natalie has a really sweet and enthusiastic personality and doesn’t seem arrogant at all, despite the fact that she can make some of the coolest food sculptures I’ve ever seen. XD

CW: Occasional gory/bloody images.

Rating: G/PG

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So Yummy

So Yummy is a baking channel that features “Bite-sized food videos for you and your kids to enjoy!” Their videos include fun food ideas, kitchen hacks, and delicious desserts that often tend to look pretty cool as well. Their holiday recipe videos are some of their most popular content.

Why I like it: The videos are short and extremely relaxing to watch. Most of their recipes are pretty easy, too, and watching their creativity in action inspires me to get into the kitchen and bake something myself.

CW: None.

Rating: G

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Studio C

Studio C is a comedy channel based in Provo, Utah. They are funded and broadcast by Brigham Young University’s BYU TV, but their YouTube channel hosts most (if not all) of the same skits. The show has recently adopted an almost entirely new cast, most of whom are BYU alumni. Filmed before a live audience, Studio C’s skits are clean and geared toward famlies of all ages.

Why I like it: It’s a clean comedy show—duh! (Although, I find the old cast of Studio C much funnier than the new cast.)

CW: None.

Rating: G/PG

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Team Edge

Team Edge, a Los Angeles-based channel, features a wide array of goofy videos that revolve mainly around sports and trivia competitions, and other challenges such as taste tests and board games. The three main members of Team Edge are Bryan, J-Fred, and Bobby; but other employees, such as Jordan, Kevin, and Billy, frequently show up as well.

Why I like it: I’ve been a fan of Team Edge for almost five years now, and the creativity of their content never fails to impress me. They come up with some of the silliest ways for a bunch of grown men to spend an afternoon, and I love it. XD Also, many of the channel’s members are related in some way, which I think is cool. The way they interact feels more like a family picnic than a bunch of co-workers being forced to socialize.

CW: Occasional gross images (as in eating insects and the like); occasional bathroom humor jokes; rare crude/suggestive comments.

Rating: G/PG

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Temponaut Timelapse

Temponaut Timelapse is a channel featuring videos that explore biology and the decomposition of some fairly everyday perishables. All of their videos are timelapses, and while some simply show the natural decay of food such as meat, ketchup, and fruit, others take things up a notch by allowing insects (usually ants) to have at the feast.

Why I like it: Timelapses aren’t usually my jam, but I like these because they’re just so interesting. It’s fascinating to be able to watch things take place that you wouldn’t usually be able to, like an egg shriveling and marbling in the sun, or a horde of ants reducing a chunk of cake to crumbs.

CW: Gross images.

Rating: G/PG

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TheOdd1sOut—run by artist/animator James Rallison—produces short animated cartoons featuring a nondescript and oddly recognizable personification of James himself. Most of the channel’s cartoons revolve around James’ own real life experiences, such as going to ComicCon or working at Subway. He also frequently does collaboration videos with other cartoon animators.

Why I like it: The cartoons are about mundane, everyday topics, yet still manage to be funny.

CW: Occasional crude/suggestive drawings; occasional references to swear words and mature topics.

Rating: PG/PG-13

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Tucker Budzyn

Tucker Budzyn features a friendly, fluffy, and frankly adorable golden retriever, Tucker, living with his parents in the Midwest. The channel’s earliest videos chronicled Tucker’s adventures as a roly-poly puppy, and today Tucker’s escapades include puppy taste tests, Q&A’s, and defending his home from the dreaded hair straightener—all with hilarious “thought bubble” captions.

Why I like it: Tucker is so precious. That’s pretty much the only reason.

CW: Occasional crass/bathroom humor thought bubbles; occasional crude comments.

Rating: G/PG

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There you have it! Some of my favorite YouTubers. Now you know what I’m watching when I put my feet up after a long day of school. XD (If y’all like this, I’ll probably do another one sometime, as I didn’t cover all my preferred channels—just the most entertaining ones. 🙂 )

Thanks for reading! What are some of your go-to YouTube channels? Are you familiar with any of these?

One thought on “Some of my favorite YouTubers (& how you can support them)

  1. Hey, Havalah! I don’t really watch YouTube, but my younger brothers do. They used to watch Dude Perfect all the time. While I first haughtily considered their videos below me, now I’m a bit partial to them as well, now that I’ve seen some of their videos. XD

    My family and I have also enjoyed some of the Studio C videos. My younger brothers like Liam Thompson. And this weird Russian tank series that is absolutely beyond my understanding. XD

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