Poem | The Melody of Me (Chatham’s song)

Before you read the poem, here’s a bit of backstory: The Melody of Me (Chatham’s Song) started out as an experiment to see how far I could take end rhyme while still composing a fairly comprehensive poem. However, it wasn’t until it was completed that I realized the message of the poem is very much applicable to the life of one of my Foxhunt characters (and a pretty important one at that), Chatham. Therefore, I decided to make the poem officially about Chatham—hence the title. I hope you enjoy! ❤

| The Melody of Me (Chatham’s Song) |

I am a myriad of majesties

Tragedies and travesties

I’m listing off their niceties

While crafting hope from bravery

Avoiding foolish penalties

Hating all these gallantries

This world has lobbed my loyalties

Mortality is tyranny

Monarchies and pieties

An ink blot in the glossaries

Laughing at their fantasies

My sanctity is royalty

Why this colloquy?

Is this not a kind of paltry parley?

I don’t care for their false symphonies

I stride to my own melodies

I’m disrupting all their symmetries

Changing all the industries

I may be a walking mystery

But they should know

They’d rather die than be my enemy

Reading poetry, whether my own or someone else’s, feels very slice-of-life-y to me. Some people may slave over poems for weeks and weeks, but I usually write my poems (my good ones, at least) in a single afternoon—and after that, any changes I make to it are very minor edits. Can y’all relate? XD

Speaking of slices of life, here’s one from mine: I saw Eagle Eye last night (liked it) and am actively working my way through The Chosen, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and an adorable Australian TV show called Bluey; we took a daytrip to Bellville, Texas, yesterday, and I bought a print of a frankly dashing Redcoat and got to tour an old jail museum; and I’ve been enjoying revisiting some old character playlists and am slowly but surely slipping into the BTS vortex (help. but not really.).

Thanks for reading, and Happy Easter! What have y’all been up to lately? What’s a subject you’d love to write a poem about but haven’t yet? Talk to me in the comments! 🙂

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