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Hey, everyone! I’m back to do another tag today. This one was created by the Bibliomavens, and I took the liberty of being tagged by Maya Joelle. Thanks to you both! Book-related tags are always a ton of fun. 😀

Let us begin!

Who is your all-time favorite book character?

Currently, it’s a tie between Jo March (Little Women) and Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice). Jo—I love her to death. She’s purely awesome. And I can relate to a lot of her struggles. As for Darcy… He’s just 100% my type. ❤

If you were stranded on a desert island, which book would you take with you (survival books don’t count)?

The Bible. I think it would probably be the only thing between me and eventual insanity. XP

What is your most unpopular bookish opinion?

Sssssssometimes I feel like some movies are better than some books. I won’t say which. *shrugs* *grins innocently*

What’s your weirdest bookish habit?

The only one I can think of is the same as what Maya said—I like to read the last few paragraphs of a book before I actually start the book. I like to spoil myself, in other words. Which is kinda weird, considering I would rather die than be exposed to a movie spoiler. XD (Actually, I think it’s because I’m a very visual person, so seeing a spoiler is worse for me than reading a spoiler. If that makes any sense.)

What character would you bring to a family event as your fake partner?

Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo! What fun! XD Well, Mr. Darcy, obviously; but for the sake of being original, let’s say Rhience (The Squire’s Tales). I love that dude. ❤

(Wait, am I allowed to pick one of my own characters? If so, I’d probably go with Warren. He’s good at making small talk, and I’m not. XD)

What made you decide to start a book blog?

Well, for starters, I wouldn’t call my website a book blog—more like my own little corner of the internet where I can dump random personal stuff until I get a book published and am forced to use it for grownup things. But I decided to start this particular website because I want to have a platform for my works when the time comes. (I’ve had several blogs in the past, but I didn’t invest much time into any of them, and none of them lasted long.)

What about reading and books do you love the most?

There are a couple things. One, the thrill of opening a new book for the first time is unbeatable. Two, I love observing different writing styles. Three, I love when a book is so good that I can’t put it down. And four (although this kind of goes along with three), I love when I fall in love with a book character so hard that I feel a strong, weeklong urge to draw them and write them and create a playlist for them and basically just spend every waking moment thinking about them. ^_^

What is your field of study or desired/current profession?

This question is difficult for my brain for some reason. XD My current field of study is…high school? Namely Shakespeare, philosophy, chemistry, Latin, poetry, American history, world history, music theory, and theology. And I make time for writing and drawing on the side. In college this fall, I’ll be working towards a degree in English.

As far as profession goes, I don’t have a paying job at the moment, but my desired profession is to be a published author and illustrator. Also, I’d love to be a mom and homesteader. 🙂

What are some book recommendations that became your favorites/obsessions?

As far as personal classics go, the Redwall series and Pride and Prejudice were both originally recommended to me by my dear mother. (Thanks, Mum! ❤ ) Slightly newer series I’m really enjoying, such as The Mistmantle Chronicles, The Green Ember series, and the Wingfeather Saga, were all recommended to me by friends. And I finally broke down and read Romanov after seeing countless good reviews of it all over the internet. Fun fact: It’s as good as “they” say it is. XD

What is the book you shove down everyone’s throat?

Right now, it’s The Book of Boy, which I’ve already mentioned on at least two posts, I think? I discovered the book at Barnes & Noble earlier this year. The cover caught my eye, and the premise sounded interesting, so I got it from the library and dove in. *flops* The book is amazing, you guys. The two protagonists are really unique, and their father-son/protector-protected relationship is done so well. This masterpiece of a book needs more love. (I don’t think I’ve met a single other fan yet!) And I think it would make a fantastic movie. 😀

All right, that’ll do it for me! Thanks again to the Bibliomavens for creating this tag, and to Maya for spreading the word about it. As usual, it was a lot of fun. Anyone who wishes to participate in this tag as well is more than welcome to do so! Keep the fun going!

Thanks so much for reading! If y’all enjoyed this, I’ve got another tag post in the works, so keep an eye out for that soon. Also, just a heads up that I’ve got at least one (maybe two) new kind of post coming out in May. It’s gonna be cool. Hopefully y’all will like it! 😉

8 thoughts on “Tag | Meet the book

  1. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to try The Book of Boy! It’s on my “TBR-someday-maybe” shelf on Goodreads, which means… sometime in the next few years? I might bump it up higher on the list because of your recommendation, though! ^_^ (That’s a fun face to make, btw. Not that I can actually make it in real life…)


  2. This was fun to read, Havalah! I suppose I ought to say that my family and I watched P&P (2005) on Wednesday, and now I see why everyone loves Mr. Darcy! He’s an amazing character. Also, I think it’s cool that you experience a sort of infatuation (does that sound right?) over certain characters sometimes. I haven’t felt that in ages, although I’d love to. XD


    • HE IS. HE SO IS. I’m glad you liked him. XD How did you like the movie overall?

      That feeling is pretty rare for me too. That’s probably why it’s so fun when it happens. ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      • I definitely liked it! It was interesting to kinda be immersed in the social intrigue of English society for a bit. T’was quite novel, as I don’t watch too many period dramas set in Regency Era England. The music was okay, the cinematography was amazing, and I liked the characters tremendously. Except for Mrs. Bennett. T’was quite humorous at times, as well. That vicar character is especially funny. 🙂


      • I’m glad! The regency era really does have a culture of its own, doesn’t it? Well, now that you’ve seen the movie, you can help me keep Foxhunt feeling authentic 😉 Yesss, Mr. Collins is a legend. XD


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