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Hey, everyone! I’m doing another tag today, just like I promised. This one was created by Heidi @ Along the Brandywine as part of her Epic Story Month event, which is going on from April 5 to May 14. Be sure to check it out! 😀

Now, without further ado—

Would you rather…

Fight a dragon or a giant?

Oof, a tough question right off the bat! Of course, there are a lot of variables in play here (size/strength of the beasts, what weapons I’m allowed, etc.), but I think I would rather fight a dragon, because I imagine it would be easier to wound—and therefore weaken—than a giant. (Although I would much rather go all Hiccup Haddock on any dragon than fight it in the first place. XD) Unless it happens to be really dumb or unusually small, it seems like a giant would be really difficult to inflict any sort of damage on.

Time travel back to ancient Egypt or go to Mars?

Time travel to ancient Egypt, 100%! I’d even pick modern-day Egypt over Mars, honestly. XD Space travel doesn’t much interest me, but I love earthly travel, and I really, really want to visit the Middle East (specifically the Holy Land, but I’ll take what I can get 😉 ).

Explore a deep dark cave or a long lost, underwater city?

Another easy one: the underwater city! Caving/spelunking has always kinda freaked me out a little. I would only ever voluntarily explore a deep dark cave if a) I was accompanied by a fully-qualified expert and b) if it was 10000% safe. But navigating a long lost underwater city? That sounds pretty darn fun. (Have I mentioned I’m in love with water? My family likes to say I’m half mermaid. XD)

Be a court jester or lead a wagon train?

Lead a wagon train. I’d love to see the United States that way, honestly. Being a court jester doesn’t appeal to me at all. I hate being the center of attention, and I hate being laughed at even more. >_<

Eat a meal with hobbits or Master Tumnus?

*wails* Why?? Why?! *moans* This is not a choice anyone should have to make…

*thinks about it for three minutes*

I can’t choose. I’m sorry. I just can’t. My brain won’t let me pass up the opportunity to do either. XD How about I have second breakfast with hobbits and tea with Mr. Tumnus? *nervous smile* I’ll be good the whole time, I promise. I won’t crack the plates. 😉

Walk through an enchanted mirror or jump into a pool leading into another world?

I still have PTSD from listening to The Magician’s Nephew audiobook one too many times when I was probably too young for it (Eustace and Jill are just the worst at making decisions, let’s face it), so I’mma go with the enchanted mirror. It seems more…controllable. XD

Live in a castle or a house in the treetops?

Oh, I’d take that castle any day. ^_^ When I was little, I used to imagine what it would be like to discover that I was England’s long lost crown princess or something and get to live in Buckingham Palace (or even better! Neuschwanstein Castle!).

Also, there are lots of mean ants (and sometimes snakes) in Texas’s treetops, so that definitely contributed to my decision. XD

Go over a waterfall in a barrel or climb Mt. Everest?

*shudders at the thought of the first one* Yeah, no. Mt. Everest. I mean, I don’t think I’d survive, but still. And I want to go to Nepal anyway, so this works out perfectly! 😛

Ride a buffalo or be a cannoneer in a sea battle? 

*the PotC theme immediately starts playing in my head* I’m all for privateering (and cannons…and cannonballs), but, come on, man, I can’t pass up the opportunity to ride a buffalo! I’ve actually never seen a buffalo in real life; it’s on my bucket list to meet one up close (and hopefully pet it, if that’s a thing). And the logical next step would be to mount and ride it, of course. *nods agreeably*

Bonus question: you’re caught by the Bad Guys and tied up to a chair when a fire erupts at your feet. Do you break the ropes and tumble out the window, yell for help, or hop your chair across the room to take refuge in the cold fireplace/chimney corner?

Thinking about this realistically, I think the natural reaction my body would have in this situation would be to immediately start straining at the ropes. If they broke, great! If they didn’t break, I would start hopping my chair towards the window (the fireplace wouldn’t occur to me, I don’t think), probably yelling all the while, and hurl myself out—hopefully to a soft landing. So…all of them, I guess? XD

Ahhh, tags are always so much fun. ^_^ This one was really unique, too—thanks, Heidi!

Thanks for reading! I hope y’all enjoyed. As always, if you think you’d like to answer these same questions, consider yourself tagged. And check out Heidi’s Epic Story Month event now to join in the high-flying fun (and partake in an awesome giveaway)!

One thought on “Tag | Epic would-you-rather

  1. This was so fun and funny to read! I especially relate to this: “I would only ever voluntarily explore a deep dark cave if a) I was accompanied by a fully-qualified expert and b) if it was 10000% safe. But navigating a long lost underwater city? That sounds pretty darn fun.” 😂 Also loved your indecision about whether to eat with hobbits or Mr. Tumnus. That’s a hard one, definitely! XD

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