K-pop, Wingfeathers, and…more fluff | Art dump #4

Hey, everyone!

First off, I’m sorry for the few-and-far-between posting lately! I’ve been busy with visitors, grueling final assignments, and graduation stuff for the past two weeks or so. It was all very exhausting, but fun, too. And I’m thrilled to announce that I am now officially done with high school! *screams joyously and collapses into a mound of stuffed animals*

High school was crazy, but worth it. I wasn’t perfect—there were times when I was lazy and didn’t pour my all into an assignment and even a few projects that I skipped altogether and therefore missed out on a learning experience. But even so, I’m proud of how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve come. And now I’m looking forward to a fun, relaxing summer—and then, college! Woohoo! 😀

Anyway, to celebrate, I thought I’d throw together a little art dump for you guys. Like with my last art dump, I didn’t really draw anything big, fancy, or especially challenging this past month, but there are still some doodles in there I like (and that hopefully y’all will like, too ^_^).

Let’s start things off with a sassy Shining Armor, shall we? (Fun fact: Shining Armor was my first fictional crush when he debuted in 2012. I was ten. I still love him. 😛 )

Character © Hasbro. Art © me.

A realistic imagining of one of my stuffed animals. ^_^ Also played around with a new leg style here, although it’s hard to tell with all the folds of fabric.

Art © me.

Janner, a Wingfeather character as requested by Maya Joelle. 😉 I haven’t drawn tween kids much, so this was good practice.

Character © Andrew Peterson. Art © me.

The nefarious Captain Husk! *looks daggers at him* 😡

Character © Margaret McAllister. Art © me.

Bluey, from the Australian TV show of the same name. Bluey is one of the most adorable TV shows I’ve ever seen, and I totally recommend it for all ages! Its characters, plotlines, and humor are relatable in a way unlike any I’ve ever seen in an American TV show. Sorry, America. XD

Some golden flora. Oh, and a Lego snail. XD

Art © me.

Mickey Mouse, in my style. This was pretty fun. 😀

Character © Disney. Art © me.

Faith expressions. I really love her hair. ❤

Character & art © me.

Gollum + fun with light and shadow = I wish I hadn’t done this one on lined paper. XD

Character © Tolkien. Art © me.

Hey, look, another Wingfeather character! Leeli this time. ❤

Character © Andrew Peterson. Art © me.

Pink Voldemort, for no reason other than I think it would annoy him. XD

Character © J. K. Rowling. Art © me.

Affery and Ferrin, two bitter Revolters. 0_<

Characters & art © me.

*ahem* So, in about late April is when I kinda fell in love with BTS? And K-pop and Korean culture in general? …So there’s some BTS stuff coming up now. XD Starting with a sketch of V. ^_^

Art © me.

Matron Wilder. I’m not 100% sure I like how her design turned out, but the colored pencil/Sharpie style was fun.

Character © S. D. Smith. Art © me.

Tonks! ‘Cause Tonks be awesome! *finger guns*

Character © J. K. Rowling. Art © me.

Having fun with Cathal, who doesn’t get to have fun often. XD I really love his hair here, I have to say. And that flower crown. ^_^ This one was inspired by this photo of BTS’ RM.

Character & art © me.

Jungkook! Kookie! JK! Golden maknae! *pats his gorgeous hair fondly*

Art © me.

Suga! …Although TBH, I like his portrait the least. I just couldn’t get his expression to look right. >_< I’ll have to draw him again sometime.

Art © me.

RM! Rrrrrap monsta!

Art © me.


Art © me.

Jimin-ssi! I think his hair is my favorite. ^_^

Art © me.

Jin! This portrait is my favorite overall. I think it’s because his smile turned out pretty well. It actually kinda looks like him. XD

And last but not least, V! Tae! Cathal IRL!

Art © me.

A lil’ paisley-thing doodle. Looks kinda Swedish.

Art © me.

Marie Antoinette as a Mother’s Day gift to my amazing mom, who loves Western royalty. 🙂

Art © me.

A freehand watercolor-ish hummingbird. Flying among bubbles. Idk.

Art © me.

And finally, since I drew Mickey, I thought it only fitting to try my hand at Minnie, too. 😛

Character © Disney. Art © me.

That’ll do it for now, and as always, thanks for reading! Have y’all been drawing anything fun lately? Or doing anything else creative and cool?

(And to my fellow seniors: have y’all officially graduated yet? Do you have any summer plans? I’d love to hear from you guys! 😀 )

7 thoughts on “K-pop, Wingfeathers, and…more fluff | Art dump #4

  1. WOW this was amazing! 😀 You’re such a great artist. I really love the one of Janner, and that Gollum one is awesome!!! It looks difficult haha.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on graduating!!! *confetti toss*


  2. Hey, Havalah! I’m graduating this month too, so yay! We can be graduation buddies. Kinda.

    I love that illustration of Janner, the hummingbird, and the LEGO snail. Also, congrats on becoming a BTS fan. I’ve heard that McDonald’s is coming out with a BTS meal soon, in case you’re interested. 😉


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