Poem | Ice Cream Sky

For a bit of context, this poem was inspired by the deep, velvety blue color a cloudless sky becomes on a summer day. ^_^

| Ice Cream Sky |

Sometimes when the clouds go on vacation and the sun glows for squinting, the sky becomes a big, bulging dome of ice cream. 

Not like the sunrise kind, which promises 

spicy chunks of peachy charcoal and mangonada; 

nor yet the sticky sunset of sweet turmeric and studded strawberry. 

No, this sky is an energetic, milky, fruity, summer-day flavor:

blueberry earl grey, perhaps,

or taro-pine with a hint of lemon vanilla.

Now take your putty knife

and spread it flat against the North Pole,

then scoop it up and put it in a mountain-cone fringed with silver ice.

Whatever you do, just serve it fresh and cold,

garnished with stardust, clouds of marshmallow, and a sprig of sunbeam.

Ice cream is a great way to win favor among the angels,

you know.

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