A summer day in the life

Hey, y’all! I thought it would be fun to make a “day in the life” post for Summer 2021. Later this year, when I’m headlong into college, I might make a similar post to see how my schedule has changed, if at all. These kinds of posts are always fun to look back on. ^_^

8:00-8:15am — I wake up, usually to the sounds of Margot and The Michael Berry Show, and start getting ready for the day. I check my parakeet’s food and water levels, make my bed, and head downstairs.

8:30am — I do my “internet checks:” WordPress, Etsy, email, etc. while keeping an eye on Margot.

9:00am — I have breakfast (usually fruit and a protein of some sort) with my family, then take a quick shower and get dressed.

9:45am — I settle down to work, uninterrupted, on Foxhunt for an hour or two. Sometimes I warm up by blogging or working on another writing project first. This is one of the most important parts of the day for me.

11:30am — I have lunch, which varies from tuna salad to eggs and bacon. If my dad is home and/or my mom is interested, sometimes I make lunch for them, too. While I eat, I check my online accounts again and take a look at my to-do list for the afternoon.

12:15pm — I get some odd things done, like cleaning, organizing, and taking a puppy shift.

2:30pm — By this time, I’m usually ready to get out of the house for a bit, so I put on my makeup (if I feel like it XD) and head out with my family to run a few errands. I drive the car every other day or so. Stops at the library, the post office, and our favorite iced tea place are often thrown into the mix.

4:00pm — After we get home, if I didn’t grab a bite while we were out, I have a small snack: nuts, chips and hummus, fruit, or pretty much whatever else I can find in the pantry or fridge. The cats’ special “lunch time” (when we feed them each a portion of wet food) is around this time, so I usually feed them both as well.

4:30pm — I mingle about and get some more odd things done: working on Etsy-related things, drawing, tidying, catching up on reading, and spending time with Margot.

5:30pm — I spend roughly an hour online checking on things and working on various projects. Sometimes I get a bit more Foxhunt writing or blogging done during this time.

6:15-6:30pm — I head back downstairs to help Mom with cooking dinner and looking after Margot. I also check my email again around this time.

7:00pm — I sit down to have dinner with my family and share in the news of the day. Sometimes my dad hosts a “Twitter show-and-tell” while we eat.

8:00pm — Most nights I join my family for a group bike ride or swim. When we don’t do either of those things, I unwind for the evening by reading, taking a bath, watching YouTube, or just hanging out in my room.

9:00-9:30pm — We all sit down to watch a show or a movie. Lately it’s been Loki, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a host of M. Night movies. We take five-minute breaks every thirty minutes or so, during which I clean the cats’ litter boxes, brush my teeth, make a cup of tea, and otherwise get ready for bed.

11:00-11:15pm — We turn off the TV for the night. If I’ve done everything else to get ready for bed by this point, I climb into bed and read the Bible for a minute or two, then turn off my light. I’m usually asleep by 11:45.

And then, the day begins again! Thank God for that. 😀

Thanks for reading! What are y’all’s daily routines like right now? Are they pretty similar to mine or drastically different? These kinds of things interest me, so I’d love to hear about them!

(P.S., Keep an eye on TheFoppishFox for the next few days! I’ve got a fun new Green Ember-themed sticker pack coming out soon that you won’t want to miss! 😉 )

5 thoughts on “A summer day in the life

  1. Hi, Havalah! Thanks for taking the time to write this, because this was fun to read. I had no idea your day was so structured! (Also, why in the world would you all watch M. Night movies at night? O.O)

    Also, what is Twitter show-and-tell?

    My typical day goes something like this:
    • 6:20—I get up, make a cup of hot cocoa, and read/listen to the Bible
    • 6:40—I leave for work, listening to a podcast or Owl City
    • 7:00—I begin work
    • 9:15—I start a 30-minute break. I have a cup of cream and sugar with a splash of coffee and a sandwich my mom made for me earlier as I listen to a podcast or read my Bible.
    • 9:45—I end my break and start work again
    • 3:00—I end my shift, stop by Walmart for peppermint tea and (maybe) the library to pick up stuff
    • 3:45—I arrive at home, having survived the treacherous commute
    • 4:00—I eat a late lunch
    • 4:30—I take a shower
    • 5:00—I start doing unwindy-stuff. Maybe read a book, listen to a podcast (again), or do my graphic design stuff.
    • 7:00—we eat dinner.
    • 8:00—I start doing my unwindy stuff again.
    • 10:00—I do my nightly chore and enjoy a cup of iced sleepy tea. Listen to some Owl CIty at the same time.
    • 11:15—I read my Bible and go to bed (way too late, obviously).

    Well, I had no idea my day had so much structure to it! I plan to change it a bit, though. Get to bed earlier on a habitual basis, for one thing. Good night!


    • You’re welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And that is an excellent question — I don’t know XDXD

      Twitter show and tell is basically just when my dad shows us funny or interesting things he saw on Twitter that day. (He doesn’t post on Twitter, but he uses it to keep up with certain people and areas of news. Surprisingly, Twitter can be a great way to learn information before the rest of the world! Who knew, right? XD)

      Wow, your routine is pretty different from mine! That’s so cool and interesting to know. Helps me gain a better picture of you! 😀 *does that picture frame thing with my fingers that all professional artists do lol* Where are you reading in your Bible right now?

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      • That’s cool that your dad does that. That’s an amusing way to catch up on world news, I guess. XD

        I’m reading in the Book of Acts currently, although I’ve been doing a bit of jumping around. I read the chapter about Cornelius last, I think. Or maybe the chapter after, but I can’t remember what that could have been about. Anyway, where are you reading? 🙂

        Oh, and thank you for mentioning that picture frame thing. I should totally start doing that to make myself feel like a “real” artist. XD


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