Review | Cathedral: A Collection

“I’m not the center of the universe. There’s more than my own mind, my problems and fears. There are things worth doing even if I don’t want to, people other than me even if I’m afraid to meet them.”

This is just one of my favorite quotes from Cathedral, a poignant and heartfelt collection of poetry by one of my dear writing friends and an undoubtedly up-and-coming author, Maya Joelle. (Still so proud of you, Maya! You go, girl! <3)

Is there beauty in grief? Cathedral considers this question—among many others no less thoughtful and important—as it delves into the deepest and darkest depths of human feeling.

With words as both its weapon and its white flag, Cathedral explores the beauty of creation and the ways in which we, both its crown and its shadow, make our peace with it. It displays emotions both raw and refined, fighting to break through common storms as it desperately, valiantly searches for clear skies. But most of all, it recalls the greatest triumph the world has ever known—the victory of the cross—and reminds us of the everlasting grace and mercy of Christ, our one true King. He will pick you up and set you right. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

You can see.
You will come.
You are.”

Cathedral is a book for the breaking, the broken, and the newly-healed. Read it, friend, and come away refreshed in your tired mind and renewed in your walk with God, the One who has always loved you. This book, in its sheer honesty, will bless you.

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4 thoughts on “Review | Cathedral: A Collection

  1. Sounds like a book I want to read! Thank you for sharing this beautiful review! (Methinks Ms. Joelle’s poetic prowess has rubbed off on you.)

    Also, you’re reading the Quran?! Is that for school? How are you liking it? XD


    • Yay! Yes, read it! It’s good! Ahaha, probably. Thanks. XD

      Yep, the Qur’an is one of my schoolbooks for this semester. Kinda weird huh? It is interesting though, to compare and contrast. There are times where it doesn’t feel too off from the Bible and others where it seems completely foreign. It’s definitely an experience. XD

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  2. That really does sound interesting, and must be helpful to read from an apologetics perspective. Maybe I’ll give the Qur’an a try sometime. When I’m absolutely bored out of my mind, tired of watching Hallmark and munching saltine crackers. Definitely will do it someday, Lord willing. 😉


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