Cover reveal | Extension Squad Vol. 1

Hello, everyone! I have some exciting news today: I am taking part in the cover reveal for Extension Squad Vol. 1, the first installment in an original-English light novel series that tells the origin story of a band of death-row-dwelling, orange-clad antiheroes. Set to be published on September 1, Extension Squad Vol. 1 is written … Continue reading Cover reveal | Extension Squad Vol. 1

Announcement | I got an illustration published!

Image ⓒ me. Hello, everyone! A bit of exciting news: I got to do an illustration! I did this piece depicting two trout "play[ing] their scales like Mozart" to accompany Mary Caroline Whims' lovely poem Moon Mad, which was published by Story Warren today! This illustration was definitely a challenge, as I don’t usually draw scenery … Continue reading Announcement | I got an illustration published!

2022 birthday Q&A

As tradition dictates, just for fun, here is my annual birthday Q&A. To make things a bit more interesting, I changed the way I answer questions this year; instead of giving traditional, time-tested responses, I answered according to my current—albeit short-lasting—obsessions. 🙂 What is/are your... Favorite animal: Lion Favorite color: Lavender Favorite food: Chipotle burrito … Continue reading 2022 birthday Q&A

Poem | Apart

| Apart | Sometimes I am astounded at my own arrogance. I want so much to gaze into the face of God, But I love my own eyes too much. So…I look away. “Tomorrow.” “Later.” “Sometime.” Never? “Oh Father, Your child is so lost—” I want to say— About— Someone else. So hateful! What is … Continue reading Poem | Apart

The Bookworm Tag (+ a wee bit of news)

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! How are you all? I'm proud to say that, after struggling through a two-hour algebra test and a terrifying all-encompassing oral exam, I've made it to Christmas break and have completed my first semester of college! Woo! ...And now I don't know what to do with myself. XD Which is … Continue reading The Bookworm Tag (+ a wee bit of news)