Launch team | Cathedral: A Collection

Hello, all! I have some exciting news! One of my dear writing friends, Maya Joelle, just published her first book: Cathedral: A Collection. And as a beta reader for Cathedral, I am so proud to be a part of her promotion and launch team! First off, feast your eyes on this spectacular cover. Isn't it … Continue reading Launch team | Cathedral: A Collection

College, country music & Spider-Man | Life update XII

Hello, everyone! I know I haven't been posting much these past few months—and I apologize for that *glares at college*—but I wanted to pop on here real quick to share an update on random life stuff with y'all. ❤ Source. I've been obsessively listening to country music lately, not totally sure why. XD I'm in … Continue reading College, country music & Spider-Man | Life update XII

Socratic circle | October 2021

Hey, everyone! How are you all? Getting enough pumpkin spice in your system? 😉 Let's have another Socratic circle, shall we? *passes around steaming lattes and cozy sweaters* Last month's Socratic question asked, What does it mean to live "in between?" This was a tough one, and I was so excited to see how y'all … Continue reading Socratic circle | October 2021

Socratic circle | September 2021

Happy September, everyone! Are the fall/school vibes staring to kick in in your corner of the world yet? 😉 They have for me—so much so that I almost forgot to do this. XD Phew! As always, let's start this Socratic circle by reviewing last month's Socratic question, which asked, Why do you think Abraham Lincoln … Continue reading Socratic circle | September 2021

Poem | Waco

| Waco | Where the Magnolias bloom— Chip and Jo's shiplap-vision for their home. The Silos, gentle white pillars, catch the sun and Toss it through the windows of The church, Finely splintering light. And pews catch it and convert it To song and a special feeling, Almost returning meaning to that Worn place of … Continue reading Poem | Waco

Socratic circle | August 2021

Hey, everyone! I know I say this every time, but... I really can't believe it's time for another Socratic circle again! How does time go so quickly?? >_< I guess that's the problem with scheduled monthtly posts. Makes you feel old suddenly, lol. *adjusts my shawl like an old mousewife* Let's kick this Socratic circle … Continue reading Socratic circle | August 2021