Poem | Waco

| Waco | Where the Magnolias bloom— Chip and Jo's shiplap-vision for their home. The Silos, gentle white pillars, catch the sun and Toss it through the windows of The church, Finely splintering light. And pews catch it and convert it To song and a special feeling, Almost returning meaning to that Worn place of … Continue reading Poem | Waco

Socratic circle | August 2021

Hey, everyone! I know I say this every time, but... I really can't believe it's time for another Socratic circle again! How does time go so quickly?? >_< I guess that's the problem with scheduled monthtly posts. Makes you feel old suddenly, lol. *adjusts my shawl like an old mousewife* Let's kick this Socratic circle … Continue reading Socratic circle | August 2021