Socratic circle | October 2021

Hey, everyone! How are you all? Getting enough pumpkin spice in your system? 😉 Let's have another Socratic circle, shall we? *passes around steaming lattes and cozy sweaters* Last month's Socratic question asked, What does it mean to live "in between?" This was a tough one, and I was so excited to see how y'all … Continue reading Socratic circle | October 2021

Socratic circle | September 2021

Happy September, everyone! Are the fall/school vibes staring to kick in in your corner of the world yet? 😉 They have for me—so much so that I almost forgot to do this. XD Phew! As always, let's start this Socratic circle by reviewing last month's Socratic question, which asked, Why do you think Abraham Lincoln … Continue reading Socratic circle | September 2021

Socratic circle | August 2021

Hey, everyone! I know I say this every time, but... I really can't believe it's time for another Socratic circle again! How does time go so quickly?? >_< I guess that's the problem with scheduled monthtly posts. Makes you feel old suddenly, lol. *adjusts my shawl like an old mousewife* Let's kick this Socratic circle … Continue reading Socratic circle | August 2021

Socratic circle | July 2021

Hello, everyone! Happy July! I can't believe it's time for another Socratic circle again, can y'all? Summer is going by too fast... *cri* Let's dive in! *figuratively cannonballs into the figurative Socratic circle pool* Let's start by addressing the Socratic circle issue for June. This asked the "two-for-one" question, Is grace truly the opposite of … Continue reading Socratic circle | July 2021