2022 birthday Q&A

As tradition dictates, just for fun, here is my annual birthday Q&A. To make things a bit more interesting, I changed the way I answer questions this year; instead of giving traditional, time-tested responses, I answered according to my current—albeit short-lasting—obsessions. 🙂 What is/are your... Favorite animal: Lion Favorite color: Lavender Favorite food: Chipotle burrito … Continue reading 2022 birthday Q&A

Tag | Valentine’s Day period dramas

Source. Happy February, everyone! Valentine's Day is coming up quickly, isn't it? (I feel like 2021 as a whole is going so fast already. Anybody else feel that way??) I'm one of those people who has always made valentines and probably always will make valentines, although my audience has, granted, diminished significantly as I've gotten … Continue reading Tag | Valentine’s Day period dramas