Announcement | ‘Ice Cream Sky’ published!

I'm a bit late in formally announcing this, but my poem Ice Cream Sky was recently published by Story Warren! (Those who took Poetry with me in Challenge IV will remember this piece. XD ) I was honored and grateful to have this poem featured by one of my favorite publishing sites. They even let … Continue reading Announcement | ‘Ice Cream Sky’ published!

The Bookworm Tag (+ a wee bit of news)

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! How are you all? I'm proud to say that, after struggling through a two-hour algebra test and a terrifying all-encompassing oral exam, I've made it to Christmas break and have completed my first semester of college! Woo! ...And now I don't know what to do with myself. XD Which is … Continue reading The Bookworm Tag (+ a wee bit of news)

Launch team | Cathedral: A Collection

Hello, all! I have some exciting news! One of my dear writing friends, Maya Joelle, just published her first book: Cathedral: A Collection. And as a beta reader for Cathedral, I am so proud to be a part of her promotion and launch team! First off, feast your eyes on this spectacular cover. Isn't it … Continue reading Launch team | Cathedral: A Collection

Fleck Blackstar: The Black Star of Kingston

Fleck Blackstar wades back towards the burning fleet. S. D. Smith's books are always full of memorable lines and quotable truths. But in the middle of The Black Star of Kingston, which I reread recently, I came across a line in particular that I had to really think about to understand its meaning. Here it … Continue reading Fleck Blackstar: The Black Star of Kingston