My place beside you, my blood for yours.

I am Havalah Ruth Peirce, someone who remembers who she is, lets other pens dwell on guilt and misery, and likes good, strong words that mean something. Welcome to my website, where I write, laugh, and ramble—all for the glory of God. Please join me as I find my wings and beat them against the wind of the world.

Rex meus mundō hōc nōn est.

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  • Antigonian thoughts
    The following was as my final weekly paper of the Spring Semester and serves a reflection on how Jean Anouilh’s Antigone affected me personally and academically, touching on a few things with which I struggled during the past few months. My writing mentor encouraged me to share it, so if it speaks to you—enjoy! “In … Continue reading Antigonian thoughts
  • Announcement | ‘Ice Cream Sky’ published!
    I’m a bit late in formally announcing this, but my poem Ice Cream Sky was recently published by Story Warren! (Those who took Poetry with me in Challenge IV will remember this piece. XD ) I was honored and grateful to have this poem featured by one of my favorite publishing sites. They even let … Continue reading Announcement | ‘Ice Cream Sky’ published!
  • A year in reflection | 2022
    2022 was one of the hardest years I’ve ever been through. But it also forced me to pause, consider, and be still—to listen to the voice of God. And one thing that I repeatedly felt like He was telling me was to reflect on the unique relationship between the difficult, the painful, the miserable—and the … Continue reading A year in reflection | 2022

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“Academic life is Paschal life. The very Easter greeting demonstrates the give and take. The illuminated say: ‘Christ is risen.’ The student sees and responds: ‘Indeed He is risen.’ That is the dialectic.”

—Dr. John Mark Reynolds