My place beside you, my blood for yours.

I’m Havalah Ruth Peirce, a girl who remembers who she is, lets other pens dwell on guilt and misery, and likes good, strong words that mean something. Welcome to my website, where I write, laugh, and ramble—all for the glory of God. Please join me as I find my wings and beat them against the wind of the world.

Rex meus mundō hōc nōn est.


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  • Socratic circle | September 2021
    Happy September, everyone! Are the fall/school vibes staring to kick in in your corner of the world yet? 😉 They have for me—so much so that I almost forgot to do this. XD Phew! As always, let’s start this Socratic circle by reviewing last month’s Socratic question, which asked, Why do you think Abraham Lincoln … Continue reading Socratic circle | September 2021
  • Poem | Waco
    | Waco | Where the Magnolias bloom— Chip and Jo’s shiplap-vision for their home. The Silos, gentle white pillars, catch the sun and Toss it through the windows of The church, Finely splintering light. And pews catch it and convert it To song and a special feeling, Almost returning meaning to that Worn place of … Continue reading Poem | Waco
  • Tag | Little Women books
    Today I’m doing the Little Women book tag! This is a fun tag that was created by This Story Ain’t Over, and about which I learned through Ryan Elizabeth. Thanks, girls! I love Little Women and I love tags, so this seems serendipitous. ^_^ The questions Jo March— What’s a book that you wished you’d … Continue reading Tag | Little Women books

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“But the man who can most truly be accounted brave is he who best knows the meaning of what is sweet in life and of what is terrible, and then goes out undeterred to meet what is to come.”