My place beside you, my blood for yours.

I’m Havalah Ruth Peirce, a girl who remembers who she is, lets other pens dwell on guilt and misery, and likes good, strong words that mean something. Welcome to my website, where I write, laugh, and ramble—all for the glory of God. Please join me as I find my wings and beat them against the wind of the world.

Rex meus mundō hōc nōn est.


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  • Website update | Where to find me
    Hey all! Just wanted to post a quick update here. I’ve been slowly trying to form more of a presence on social media over the past year or so, and as a result, the ways in which I use both this website and my other social media platforms have changed. Because of that, I wanted … Continue reading Website update | Where to find me
  • Poem | Apart
    | Apart | Sometimes I am astounded at my own arrogance. I want so much to gaze into the face of God, But I love my own eyes too much. So…I look away. “Tomorrow.” “Later.” “Sometime.” Never? “Oh Father, Your child is so lost—” I want to say— About— Someone else. So hateful! What is … Continue reading Poem | Apart
  • Tag | Me & Music
    Hey everyone! I’m doing a tag today, because I don’t have the brain power nor the energy to do much else post-wise. XD This tag was created by Sophie @ Me & Ink, and I took the liberty of being tagged by Ryan Elizabeth @ Ryan Elizabeth Writes. Thanks, girls! I’m on a Spotify kick … Continue reading Tag | Me & Music

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Quote of the Week

“The keys of doctrine / which unlock all of Scripture’s books, / have opened up before my eyes / the book of creation… / This is a book which, above its companions, / has in its narrative / made the Creator perceptible / and transmitted His actions; / it has envisioned all His craftsmanship, / made manifest His works of art.”

Saint Ephrem the Syrian, Hymns on Paradise