My place beside you, my blood for yours.

I’m Havalah Ruth Peirce, a girl who remembers who she is, lets other pens dwell on guilt and misery, and likes good, strong words that mean something. Welcome to my website, where I write, laugh, and ramble—all for the glory of God. Please join me as I find my wings and beat them against the wind of the world.

Rex meus mundō hōc nōn est.

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  • Tag | Meet the book
    Hey, everyone! I’m back to do another tag today. This one was created by the Bibliomavens, and I took the liberty of being tagged by Maya Joelle. Thanks to you both! Book-related tags are always a ton of fun. 😀 Let us begin! Who is your all-time favorite book character? Currently, it’s a tie between … Continue reading Tag | Meet the book
  • Poem | The Melody of Me (Chatham’s song)
    Before you read the poem, here’s a bit of backstory: The Melody of Me (Chatham’s Song) started out as an experiment to see how far I could take end rhyme while still composing a fairly comprehensive poem. However, it wasn’t until it was completed that I realized the message of the poem is very much … Continue reading Poem | The Melody of Me (Chatham’s song)
  • Illa in memoriam
    This past week, we lost our beloved Scottish terrier, Bella, to skin cancer. She had been suffering from itchy skin and painful boils for several months, and, after consulting with our vet and praying over the situation, we made the heartbreaking decision to put her down. I’ll never forget adopting our sweet puppy from a … Continue reading Illa in memoriam

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Quote of the Week

“Take a little time to look about you and get your bearings, child; for the world you have been living in is a much simpler, honester one than that you are about to enter. Test yourself a bit, and see if the old ways seem best after all; for you are old enough to decide, and wise enough to discover, what is for your truest good, I hope.”

Rose in Bloom, Louisa May Alcott