Announcement | Etsy shop hiatus

Hello everyone! How has your summer been so far? Per usual, I apologize for my absence from this site. I haven’t had much to write about recently (although I do have another announcement and an Austen-inspired post coming soon), but today I wanted to make a brief announcement about my Etsy shop, The Foppish Fox.

I have decided to close my shop for the time being (i.e., remove all the current listings). I discovered during this past school year that, as a student, I just don’t have the time, energy, or commitment to put the effort into my shop that it deserves. And because Etsy charges a fee to renew each listing every three months, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t prudent—financially or otherwise—to pay to keep my shop running at this time.

Therefore, The Foppish Fox will officially “close” on August 7. But! Until then, all stickers in my shop are still for sale! I’d love to get all my remaining stock sold before that date, but even just a few more sales would be awesome. ^_^ So if you’re interested or wanted to get a sticker but haven’t yet, now is the time!

(Also, a few of my stickers are expiring mid-July, so if you’re especially interested in either of the following, act quickly!)

(Need I mention that all purchases will come with lots of freebies? *wiggles eyebrows*)

Now, is this the end of The Foppish Fox, you may ask? I certainly hope not! Honestly, the whole experience—exploring sticker-making processes, designing my own stickers, interacting with awesome people, and ultimately making some money off of something I love—was a great learning adventure and a ton of fun. It was also enjoyable and refreshing to have a creative outlet that could also be profitable! So, in short, no: The Foppish Fox will be back (although most likely not selling stickers, unless I can get the hang of more efficient and cost-effective methods).

Last but not least, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported my Etsy venture in every way, shape, and form. I really appreciate it! Love you guys. ❤

(My store is closing on August 7! Don’t miss out! =) Link:

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