The Narnia tag

Okay… *takes a deep breath* This is my first time doing a blog tag, so bear with me here. I’m nervous, but more excited. (This tag was created by S. J. Barnard, and I was tagged by the lovely Maya Joelle.)

Not gonna lie, it’s been a good while since I read any of the Narnia books. I’ll pick one up every once in a while, but actually finishing them is another task. Still, Narnia constitutes a major part of the fantasy portion of my childhood, so for that it will always have a special place in my heart (and on my bookshelf).

All right, let’s get to it!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you (that’s you, Maya! Thankee!).
  2. Describe the rate of your Narnia fanatic (nostalgic, serious, maniacal).
  3. Answer the questions below.
  4. Tag 5+ bloggers.
  5. Have fun!

Rate of Narnia fanatics:

1. Nostalgic Fanatic—You read the book and/or watched the movies as a child and the word Narnia gives you a warm feeling

2. Serious Fanatic—You rediscovered the wonder of Narnia after you were older and have read the books and watched the movies

3. Maniacal Fanatic—You have lived Narnia from childhood, hid in closets on more accounts than is healthy, have read and watched all the movies including the BBC version

I lean towards Nostalgic, because I was immersed in the world of Narnia, which I loved, at a young age. We read the books aloud as a family, and I especially loved the graphic novel adaption of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. When I think of Narnia now, I mostly remember that nostalgic feeling. Part of me is Maniacal, though—while I haven’t read all the books (I know, I know, sorry) or seen all the screen adaptions, to this day I’ll still eye large wardrobes with the urge to take just one peek inside, and occasionally dream of riding a lion. That being said, I have a feeling I’m going to become a Serious Fanatic soon. I’m reading Mere Christianity right now, which is making want to read—or, in the case of Narnia, rediscover—Lewis’s other works. (Random fun, I largely attribute the Narnia series for co-founding, along with Redwall, my Anglophile side. :P)

The questions:

1. Who is your favourite Pevensie sibling?

Edmund. Always Edmund. When I was younger, I hated him, but now I love him. (He reminds me of two of my favorite OCs, Cathal and Domhnall.) I love that he grew up to be King Edmund the Just. Just think about that character arc for a second.

2. What is the most underrated book in Narnia?

*has to go look up all the Narnia books just to make sure I’m not forgetting any* Soo… Just to set the record straight, I haven’t read The Horse and His Boy, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, or The Last Battle. I’ve started them all, but haven’t finished. *suddenly feels like I’m not at all qualified to do this tag* But of the ones I have read, I think The Silver Chair is the most underrated. LWW is great, but also the most famous. I don’t really like The Magician’s Nephew—too stressful. And I hate Uncle Andrew. But The Silver Chair… I dunno. It’s been a while since I’ve read it, but I just remember liking that one the best. And it doesn’t seem to get much publicity. I remember reading once that they were planning on making a movie out of it, but idk if that’s still going on. I don’t think it’s happened…?

3. Who is your favourite Narnian king?


He’s amazing. Fantastic character, for reasons I’ve forgotten. Rillian is the main reason why they need to make a Silver Chair movie.

4. Who is your favourite Narnian queen?

Ummm…Lucy, I guess? I never liked Susan much. And Valiant is the perfect title for her.

5. Which non-human Narnian do you like best?

Uh, well, Aslan is a given, so I think I’d have to say Mr. Tumnus. I love his character design, his name, and how prim and proper he is. Runner-up is Puddleglum, though. Good old Puddleglum.


6. Which book deserves a movie?

The Silver Chair! Please! :/

7. What is one thing you did as a Narnia fanatic you do not regret?

I had to think about this for a couple minutes, because I’ve never done anything Narnia-related that was, like, shocking or revolutionary or anything. But I’d say shipping Mr. Tumnus and Lucy. When Lucy is older, of course. I still kinda like the idea. xD

All right, seeing as I’m new to WordPress and most of who I’d like to tag has already been tagged, that leaves…just one peep! Congrats, you’re special! 😛

Seriously though, this was fun. I haven’t dug that far into the Narnia portion of my brain in forever. Thanks again for the tag, Maya! Hopefully I did it all right! xD

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